Congratulations on successfully completing your PhD, Doctor Eleanor Bauer


Eleanor Bauer successfully defended her artistic research project "choreo | graphy" on 25 May 2022, within the PhD programme Performative and Media-Based Practices.

The documented artistic research project (doctoral thesis) can be found on the DIVA and Research Catalogue. 

The public defence took place on 25 May 2022 at 13:00–17:00 at Dansens Hus, Elverket, Linnégatan 69, in Stockholm. The public defence was live-streamed on SKH’s website.

Martin Hargreaves

Examination committee     
Sher Doruff
Jeroen Fabius
Jenn Joy
John-Paul Zaccarini (deputy)

Principal supervisor            
Juliette Mapp

Chrysa Parkinson

Chair of defence: Cecilia Roos, Vice-Rector for Research at SKH

Eleanor Bauer is the fourteenth PhD candidate who has successfully defended a PhD in artistic research within SKH.

Grattis EB_extra_300.jpg
From the public defence at Dansens Hus, Elverket, from the left:
Cecilia Roos and Eleanor Bauer