Conference brings artistic research into the core of filmmaking


It’s easy to think of artistic research as something belonging only to the most academic and experimental strand of film. But there’s a plethora of possibilities that artistic research can contribute to all filmmaking – which is something a new conference at the Film University in Babelsberg is focusing on. Stockholm University of the Arts is represented by Annika Boholm och Kersti Grunditz Brennan.

The conference “Transversal Entanglement – Artistic Research in Film” takes place at the Film University in Babelsberg, the only university-level film school in Germany, on 3–5 June.

A key collaborator in the international organisation CILECT, which brings together large, well renowned film schools around the world, including Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH). Many of the schools lack any artistic research of their own, and one of the core ideas of the conference is to bring the broader film world closer to research as a tool and to examine how it, too, can gain from working together with artistic researchers.

“I think it’s fabulous that it’s so closely connected to the film industry,” explains Kersti Grunditz Brennan, who together with Annika Boholm represents SKH at the conference. “There’s a real desire within the industry to discover what artistic research can bring to the table. Universities can be fantastic sites of discovery when it comes to film. There is time, knowledge, skills and resources there to conduct the kind of development projects that many production companies would love to spend more time on if they were less economically constrained.”

Kersti Grunditz Brennan and Annika Boholm will be presenting their research project BLOD, starting from a reflection on collaboration as a form in both filmmaking and research. Kersti Grunditz Brennan is a PhD candidate in Film and Media. Annika Boholm is co-researcher and equal partner and the work on BLOD formed the basis of Kersti’s 50% seminar.

“We do everything in the project together, and use that to challenge the idea that there’s one person, a director or researcher, who is behind a project, as a figurehead or auteur. In reality, both filmmaking and research is a result of much deeper and more extensive collective collaboration. This to a large extent is what our research project explores,” explains Kersti Grunditz Brennan.

Registration is open until 28 May, 2021.

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Kersti Grunditz Brennan’s PhD project