The Department of Dance launches podcast focusing on artistic practices


As part of the education, artists from the New Performative Practices (NPP) Master’s Programme launch a podcast: Audioreflection pod. In fourteen episodes they share questions, explorations, dilemmas and expectations, arising from their different artistic practices that have moved side by side during their studies on the two-year master's programme.

During 2020 and 2021, the artists in the NPP master’s programme were confined to digital spaces, communicating from several continents, and living through the global pandemic as they pursued their studies. Their choreographic and performative practices were challenged by time zones, proximity restrictions, international borders, care-giving responsibilities and an overwhelm of digital data. 

As the education switched to being mostly online, the students began to experiment with the relation between digital media and live presence. What would have been studio visits became ‘radio visits,’ and the question of how to share experience without proximity, or how to create proximity in separate spaces, became central challenges. 

- Audioreflection pod answers these challenges by proposing an audio space where listening is an artistic act to be shared, like touch, but across borders, wherever and whenever the listener can join, says Head of Programme Chrysa Parkinson. 

The fourteen episodes have been produced by the artists themselves with the support of Robin Jonsson.

SKH Dance Podcast 

NPP's Audioreflection pod is the second edition of the SKH Dance Podcast.

The SKH Dance Podcast cherishes the oral tradition of dance and choreography. Despite the lively discourse around dance, there is relatively little published written material dealing with dance and choreography. Instead, the transmission of knowledge, debate and sharing in the dance field often takes place orally: through conversations, verbal instructions, in workshops, in studios, in Q&As and in theatre foyers.

- By welcoming listeners to this space for sound, we at the Department of Dance at SKH hope to stimulate further discussion within the field, says Head of Department Kristine Slettevold.

Audioreflection Pod