Advisory board for artistic research at SKH


The research centre has organised an advisory board for artistic research in order to discuss and receive feedback on the artistic research conducted within SKH and which will also work with SKH:s publication series.

The purpose is that we should get a view of what we do and what we can develop further. It will also open up possibilities for us to make new contacts and create new networks internationally.

Engaged so far are Jyoti Mistri, Martin Hargreaves and Napo Masheani.

Napo Masheane was born in Soweto, grew up in Qwaqwa (Free State) and holds a Marketing Management, Speech & Drama and Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Rhodes University. She is a playwright, scriptwriter, poet, storyteller, stage director, translator and acclaimed performer on both international and national stages.

Napo credit Siphiwe Mhlambi_1100x620.jpg
Napo Masheane, Photo credit:Siphiwe Mhlambi

Jyoti Mistry is Professor in Film at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg in Sweden. She works with film both as a research form and as a mode of artistic practice. She has made critically acclaimed films in multiple genres and her installation work draws from cinematic traditions but is often re-contextualised for outside of the linear cinematic experience.

Jyoti Mistry BIO_1100x620.jpg
Jyoti Mistry

Martin Hargreaves is a dramaturg, writer and performer. His primary interests are in the recent history of contemporary dance and queer performance arts. He runs workshops, writes artist publications, and collaborated on performance practices in order to disseminate his research across a variety of formats. In 2003 he was awarded a PhD for his thesis entitled Performativity, Spectrality, Hysteria.

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Martin Hargreaves