MULTIVERSE The last Human on Earth (is a circus artist)

MULTIVERSE The last Human on Earth (is a circus artist) is a circus fable developed by and with PhD student Marie-Andrée Robitaille as part of her PhD project Circus as Practices of Hope.

By playfully and kinetically engaging with foil, sounds and light, doctoral candidate in choreography and CirkusPerspektiv's performer Marie-Andrée Robitaille explores the tensions that emerge from standing at the threshold of mastery and vulnerability, the beautiful and the horrific, the loud and the quiet, the beauty and desolation. Alone in the middle of the circular circus space, as the operator of an analogue semaphorical device, the performer signal urgency through slowness, identities through transformation, and hope through motion. In a series of poetics, sweet and glorious relational, more than-human moments, the last Human on Earth fabulates the present, evoking humanity and its futurity on Earth. Multiverse is a circus poetic gesture of hope, a practical corporeal philosophical journey within the infra thin zone of indiscernibility, where new forms and movements of thoughts can rise at the horizon. Performed with care and a smile at heart, the piece is a hypnotic and meditative experience accessible to all the family from 8 years old.

The piece MULTIVERSE was created by Marie-Andrée Robitaille as part of her Doctoral Project « Circus as Practices of Hope » at Stockholm University of the Arts, as part of « Nomadic Circus Gallery » with support of Stockholm City and the Swedish Art Council and as part of CirkusPerspektiv's exhibition “Circus meets Visual Arts”.

In collaboration with: Stockholm University of the Arts, CirkusPerspektiv, Kristofferskolan, Kristofferscenen, Gāvle Konstcentrum.

“The playing field is round like the Earth or like a circus ring, something in balance, precision and purposefulness connects the profile of circus art with the exploration of materials and meanings..”

Margaret Sörensson
Danstidningen 2023-02-15

Marie-Andrée Robitaille ‘s background is in contemporary dance and circus arts. She is currently a doctoral candidate in performative and media-based practices in choreography and in circus at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH). At SKH, she was assistant professor and head of the Bachelor program in Circus (2009-2018) where she conducted a series of artistic research projects which explored feminist strategies and alternative modes of composition in circus arts. In her current doctoral artistic research project « Circus as Practices of Hope », she investigate the relevancy and specificities of circus arts in todays context.

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