Lethe – International Symposium on Forgetfulness in Artistic Processes

Stockholm University of the Arts welcomes you to Lethe - International Symposium on Forgetfulness in Artistic Processes to be held on 2-4 March, 2023.

Using the mythological river Lēthē as a metaphorical point of departure, musicians Anna Lindal, Andreas Hiroui Larsson, and Johan Jutterström conduct a research project on forgetfulness as a method and guiding principle for an artistic process.

With this symposium we invite you to discuss and investigate forgetfulness from a wide spread of perspectives, e.g., improvisation, memory, and time, in order to hopefully be able to draw conclusions on if and how forgetfulness can be applied to an artistic practice.

How can forgetfulness be an artistic tool?

Will forgetfulness and the river Lēthē enable us to become artistically reborn by way of aiding us to forget our musical habits and traditional reasonings?

What are we willing to forget?

Lethe ny huvudbild kollage_1100.jpgLecturers


Freya Bailes 
Keynote speaker
Associate Professor in Music Psychology, University of Leeds 

Christian Wolff
Keynote speaker 
Composer, Strauss Professor Emeritus in Music, Dartmouth College

Marcia Cavalcante Schuback
Professor in Philosophy, Södertörn University

Røgnvaldur Ingthorsson
Associate Professor in Philosophy, University of Helsinki

Katt Hernandez 
Violinist, PhD-candidate, Lund University

Toby Kassel
Choreographer and Dancer

Lethe Research Group
Anna Lindal, Violinist, Professor Emerita in Music
Johan Jutterström, Saxophonist, PhD in Music
Andreas Hiroui Larsson, Percussionist, Master in Music, Researcher


Annette Arlander
Performance Artist, former Professor in Performance Art, Stockholm University of the Arts

John-Paul Zaccarini
Professor in Performance Art for Bodily and Vocal Practices at Stockholm University of the Arts

Guest Researchers, Musicians and Performers

Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, PhD-candidate in Fine Art, Artist
Eva Lindal, Violinist
Henrik Olsson, Percussionist
Jennifer Torrence, Associate Professor in Music, percussionist
Johan Arrias, Saxophonist
Karl Dunér, Stage Director, Artist
Lisa Ullén, Pianist
Magnus William-Olsson, Author
Mats Persson, Pianist, Composer
Nils Claesson, film maker, PhD in Film and Media

Symposium days:

Thursday 2 March: 
At: 18:00–19:00 (- 20:00)  
Check-in open from 18:00 at the SKH Opera/Hugoteatern.
Concert at 19:00 (- 20:00)            

Friday 3 March:
At: 09:30–21:00
Full day symposium.
The day will end with a concert and a joint dinner (paying guests, cost price)

Saturday 4 March:
At: 09:30–16:30 
Full day symposium.

Symposium Fee

Employed at an Institution: 875 Swedish krona (SEK)/ 80 €
Freelance Participants: 550 Swedish krona (SEK)/ 50 €
Students at SKH and empoyeed at SKH: Free admission – Registration required

Read more about Lethe here