Dances of intrigue

How to bring dance into a dance museum? Nineteen dance students present their working methods in Dansumeet's installations 13-15 April.

There are conflicts inherent to dance education and preservation. What are those inherited conflicts? How do we deal with them? What potentials emerge from these conflicts?

The Dance Performance students from Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) will dig into these topics and present three days of processes and working methods in Dansmuseet’s installations. 

Combining different dance traditions, and asking questions about the practice of dance archiving, this proposal wonders: How to bring dance into a dance museum?

Dance and creation by the BA Dance Performace students

  • Livi Pösö
  • Maria Arkouli
  • Saga Ivéus Englert
  • Malla Katariina Aaltonen
  • Julia Christoffersson
  • Linnea Johansson
  • Luna Cornet
  • Riikka Lyra
  • Anni Eerika Koivusalo
  • Tovalisa Delin
  • Zofia Krzyszycha
  • Sarah Hanses
  • Amélie Sophia Zock
  • Inka Maria Kärenen
  • Natalia Perea Santana
  • Aymara von Borries
  • Ulrik Ørsnes Jansen
  • Maya Giraudet
  • Mira Buus Rasmussen 

Research proposal and coordination: caterina daniela mora jara, PhD Candidate 

PhD Supervisors: Chrysa Parkinson and Eleonora Fabião

Research support: Vladimir Miller

Head of the Bachelor's programme in Dance Performance at SKH: Zoë Poluch.

Producer: Karin Hauptmann

Photo: Bo Vloors. Context: Workshop in the frame of Workspace Brussels Open Studios XL, April 2022

Alliances and thanks to Workspace Brussels; Research Centre apass 2022-2023 (Brussels); Aphra Behn; the Day of the samba, your forró, our tango, my Río de Janeiro and our clubbing insistence.