MA Choreography 22: Silja Tuovinen - I woke to the sun on a daffodil

A dance performance, followed by a short film

I woke to the sun on a daffodil, picture 2022.jpg

I woke to the sun on a daffodil is a dance performance for three. It cites the form of an elegy and ​the season of spring. It is a study on the interdependence of realism and romanticism, and the human capacity to create new meaning in the face of deep sorrow.   

The work is created using what the choreographer calls rudimentary technologies and methods, and it gestures toward finding simple responses to big themes. 

Choreography: Silja Tuovinen 

Developed and danced with: Anton Hedevang, Pénélope Touvier 

Dramaturgical advice: Korina Kordova 

Thinking partners: Martin Sonderkamp, Sergiu Matis 

Film mentorship: Mamdooh Afdile

Documentation of performance by film: Shauheen Daneshfar 

Residency: Liisa Pentti +Co, Helsinki 

Warm thank you: Nefeli Gioti, Eeva Kauppinen, Peter Mills, Rebecca Hilton, Yuka Oyama, Alice Chauchat

Photo: Silja Tuovinen 


After the dance performance you are welcome to watch a short film in studio G. The film stars Eeva Kauppinen.  

The dance performance and short film are a part of a triptych that makes up Silja’s artistic thesis project at SKH. The third scene of the triptych is a dance solo performed at Uferstudios, Berlin at the beginning of May as part of ada studio’s A.part festival.  

Silja Tuovinen 

Silja is a Finnish choreographer engaged with both dance performance and film. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies from Malmö University and has studied additionally among others social psychology, work and organisation psychology, and dance didactics.

In artmaking, Silja engages with what she calls rudimentary technologies and methods. At the moment Silja works between Stockholm, Berlin and Oulu, Finland. 



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MA Choreography 2022: What can choreography be and do?


This event is part of the showings of the MA Choreography degree projects of 2022 at SKH and WELD 10-22 May. 

Please join us at both Weld and SKH Brinellvägen 58 to launch careers, celebrate spring, be together in difficult times and wonder about the future of art.

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