MA Choreography 22: Nasreen Aljanabi Larsson - What if Clitoriography

Final master presentation of the ongoing artistic research Clitoriography.

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In this public presentation of Nasreen’s ongoing work, the search centers on finding the clitoris, connecting to it, and mapping its 8000 nerve endings through somatic movement practices and develop methods in using this energy in body-based artistic creation, illuminating clitoris energy in creativity and its impact on the artistic process through dance and performance.
"What if Clitoriography" explore critical questions and reflect on what if we are choreographed by our clitoris, or our clitoris choreographed by us, do we choreograph our clitoris or who actually does?

With and by

Karin Schmidt
Alice MacKenzie
Nasreen Aljanabi Larsson

Photo: Cato Lein

Many Thanks to:
Supporters and thinking partners: Tor Pentén, Jenny Collén, Nasim Aghili, Jennifer Lacy, Sigmar Zacharias, Sara Gebran, Lagaylia Frazier, Victoria Moralez, Joud Hasan, Cátia Leitão.

Previous collaborators: Maria Naidu, Sepideh Khodarahmi, Nassim Meki.

Technical collaborator: Mikael Kinander

Tickets for Nasreen at Weld

Nasreen Aljanabi Larsson - What if Clitoriography at Weld, 40 min. 

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  • Friday 13 May at 18.00
  • Saturday 14 May at 19.00

Nasreen Aljanabi Larsson

Choreographer and dancer based in Stockholm borne 1981 in Damascus where Nasreen was graduate bachelor in expressive dance at the Higher institute of Dramatic arts in Damascus.

Since moving to Sweden, Nasreen trying to navigate dedicatedly to keep their discipline as performer, where Nasreen freelanced through performance art in different genera such as clown and circus. Nasreen is a yoga practitioner and has yoga teaching education.
Last couple of years due to MA studies, Nasreen started an artistic research "Clitoriography" by developing body based somatic practices in exploration of the clitoral energy.


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MA Choreography 2022: What can choreography be and do?

This event is part of the showings of the MA Choreography degree projects of 2022 at SKH and WELD 10-22 May. 

Please join us at both Weld and SKH Brinellvägen 58 to launch careers, celebrate spring, be together in difficult times and wonder about the future of art.

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