MA Choreography 22: Mariana de Oliveira Costa - The Chicken

In her sacrifice the chicken screams: Cocoricó, Kuckeliku, Cocorocô, Cocodé!!!

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Miss Có, 

I put a spell on you because you are an oblique and greedy head-shifter 

  • SCRATCH the paper 3 times.  

  • EAT 3 stories. 

  • SWALLOW 3 dis-con-formed shapes. 

  • FILL, TWIST AND SQUEEZE 3 balloons, and then, while the air blows out, 

Say these cursed words in your mother tongue: 

DISTRACT the excessiveness while you DRAG a path.  

TRACE plastic organs’ libations.  

LICK enchanted anthropophagus (or at least steal their lollipops).  

PEEL aphorisms off in an empty theater.  

KNEAD ghost dances and erotic nostalgia.  

STRETCH lingering inside Hermes-Mercury’s hat.  

SCATTER pleasures and ping pong farts.  

CLOAK spiritualities at a kid’s lunchtime.  

FOLD the death.  

BITE goddesses, demons and matters.  

CUDDLE the Bathroom’s Blonde (Bloody Mary) on a dance floor.  

COVER the not not land, while having an eye on the corn and another on the wolf simultaneously 

H(A)UNT messianic translations to be permanently surviving.  

Chicken’s disguise

This performance, developed inside the master’s frame, is an extract of my experiments of entangling the practices and research in an interplay of multisensoriality and imagination as a value of liveness and community. "The Chicken'' incarnates the translation from different languages/ backgrounds, accepting and crossing the gaps, failures, and transformations. 

“The chicken” is an entity who lives in the small talks between friends, while they dance through somatic-based experiences focused on energy, material-spiritual forms and skin awareness. Besides being a storyteller, The Chicken is a messenger that crosses bodies of daily life, intimacy, vulnerability, science, magic, colonization and History. 

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At Weld

  • Tuesday 10 May 20.00 at Weld
  • Wednesday 18 May 19.30 at SKH Studio 8
  • Sunday 22 May 16.30 at SKH Studio 8

The Chicken Coop  

Conception and Choreography: Mariana Costa 

Dramaturgy and Choreographic assistance: Korina Kordova 

Co-creation and Performance: Korina Kordova, Mariana Costa and Valentina Parravicini 

Music and Sound design: Eric Reid 

External eye/ Studio Companion: Alexis Steeves 

Thinking Partner: Gustavo Ciríaco 

Music advisor: Daniel Conti 

Text: Made from the writings of Clarice Lispector, Luiz Antonio Simas, Lygia Clark, Millôr Fernandes, Nei Lopes, Oswald de Andrade, and Betty Mindlin. 

Collaborators in previous performative studies: the musician Rossana Mercado-Rojas and the performers Myrto Delimichali (during all process), Roula Samiotaki and Amalia Kasakove. 

Thanks to: Aline Belfort, Andrea Diaz Ghiretti, Caterina Mora, Dalija Acin Thelander, Emelia Koberg, Erik Valentin Berg, Fredrik Heimdahl, Gérald Tarek, Hazem Shahin, Ingela Stefaniak Ohman, Jennifer Lacey, Karin Hauptmann, Larissa Ballarotti, Maipelo Gabang, Maja Wilhite-Hannisdal, Matthew D’Arcy, Nefeli Gioti, Orlando Ravadoni, Peter Mills, Siegmar Zacharias, Stella Kruusamägi, Tiago Feliciano and Victor Gáspari Canela. 

Graphic Design: Mariana Costa and Victor Gáspari Canela 

from photos of: Hazem Shahin and  Hugo Hedberg 

Mariana Costa

Mariana Costa (BR/IT) is a dancer, choreographer, performer and teacher. She is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, pursuing a masters degree in Choreography at SKH – Stockholm University of the Arts (2020-2022). Until 2020 she lived and worked in São Paulo, Brazil, where she began her studies in dance. She has a bachelor's degree in architecture and urbanism from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (BR). Carried out artistic training and at C.E.M - Centro em Movimento in Lisbon (PT), going through F.I.A. and creative internships. 

She explores choreography in transdisciplinary approaches and investigates dance creations that relate to architecture and the visual arts. It's from this sum that her investigations and experiments are born. Besides her solo creations, she developed projects in collaboration with several artists. Until 2020 Mariana Costa integrated the dance collective Coletivo Elástica, acting both as director and dancer. Some of  her choreographic works are "Ter(e)mim vs. 0.1" (2020) in collaboration with musician Daniel Conti, "Intrapelícula" (2017), in collaboration with Larissa Ballarotti, "Projeto Membranas" 2011-2015), in collaboration with Liene Bosquê, which unfolded into the performances "Membranas I - Peel It Off" (2013), "Membranas Ocupa o Largo" (2014) and "Membranas Duplo" (2015), performed at festivals, galleries and cultural centers in Brazil and New York.  

As a dancer and performer, Mariana Costa collaborated in a wide range of projects by choreographers and artists. She acted as dancer and creator in the performance "Monstra" (2017-2020), directed by Elisabete Finger and Manuela Eichner and presented in cities throughout Brazil, such as São Paulo, Salvador, Teresina, as well as in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Malmö,Sweden. 

Mariana has also worked professionally in the audiovisual field as choreographer, performer and costume designer. She also worked with the visual fields, executing set design projects, art direction, graphic and print design for fashion and illustration projects, besides collaborating as a live model for drawing classes and photography art projects. 



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MA Choreography 2022: What can choreography be and do?


This event is part of the showings of the MA Choreography degree projects of 2022 at SKH and WELD 10-22 May. 

Please join us at both Weld and SKH Brinellvägen 58 to launch careers, celebrate spring, be together in difficult times and wonder about the future of art.

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