MA Choreography 22: Andrea Diaz - Object praising things. And things praising objects.

Picture Andrea photocredit Stella Kruusamägi.jpeg

Is the sharing of a practice that has imperfectly insisted and persisted.

Crafted along performative gestures,

It longs a moment for all the things that we are,

It longs a moment for the things that are,

and it molds an attempt for a soft way of negotiating, with consent, the space each body takes in order to create a place.

People performing: 

Stella Kruusamägi 

Josefine Petersen and

Nefeli Gioti

Mentor/ outside ear: Sindri Runudde

Sound art: Panos Gioti

Andrea Diaz

Andrea Diaz is a Stockholm-based artist, born in Lima, Perú. She has a close engagement with dance and circus practices and a deep love for physical theatre practices.

Currently,  Andrea is watering art processes made out of sounds, movements, and places that listen and are listened to. Her roots come from the sound-art spatial boundaries from the circus and dance background and she works with them in a malleable way depending on the context it is placed, considering site-specificity as a strong foundation for its expansion. 



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MA Choreography 2022: What can choreography be and do?


This event is part of the showings of the MA Choreography degree projects of 2022 at SKH and WELD 10-22 May. 

Please join us at both Weld and SKH Brinellvägen 58 to launch careers, celebrate spring, be together in difficult times and wonder about the future of art.

Program and tickets