SKH @ Cirkus Mania 2022: How Now Circus?

Degree students from our Master's Programme "Contemporary Circus Practices" returns to Cirkus Mania with their degree performances and creative processes, asking "How Now Circus?".

Under the umbrella title How Now Circus?, the MA Contemporary Circus Practices from Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) returns to Cirkus Mania with a new gathering of works and creative processes exploring circus and beyond. 

Bodies, ropes, nerve cells, entanglements with nature and technology, virtual and real spaces come together in a careful exploration of the circus that does not yet exist, asking the question from this here, now, to where?

The Master's programme in Contemporary Circus Practices expands the scope of the circus through transdisciplinary dialogues on contemporary philosophy, inclusivity and diversity, sustainability, movement and spatial practices, new technologies, social development, architecture, urban design, and environmental discourses.

Participating artists

  • Alejandra Deza
  • Gaia Santuccio
  • Georgia Trikka
  • Jason Dupree
  • Konstantin Kosovec
  • Marjut Sabina Hernesniemi
  • Myrsky Rönkä
  • Petra Lange
  • Stav Meishar
  • Danny Tavori


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