Savas Boyraz 30% seminar

On 17 May, Savas Boyraz will hold his 30% seminar "Partridge Nation". Savas is a PhD student in Film and Media.

Title of PhD project: "Eye of the Mountain – An artistic research on the concept of “Guerrilla Filmmaking".


PhD candidate: Savas Boyraz
Supervisor: John-Paul Zaccarini
External Supervisor: Eyal Sivan
Opponent: Angela Melitopoulos

Eye of the Mountain gives birth to its first batch of works under the umbrella title: Partridge Nation. The research project started in 2019 looking at the multitude of ecological impacts of colonial military practices. Currently the work focuses on the representation of nature in various forms of anti-colonial resistances.

Partridge Nation is a visual deconstruction of a contemporary political mythology. As a response to a cultural genocidal framework, the works intertwine concrete realities with dreamscape. The works propose an alternative visual vocabulary for a cultural-self-defense.

Presentation will include:

  • A photography installation
  • A two-channel video work of aprx. 30 minutes