Riggers seminar

Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) is hosting a seminar 26-28 April for specially invited riggers and circus schools from all over the world. This is the first seminar within the Erasmus project Rigging led by FEDEC and SKH.

The Riggers project has been developed to answer the needs of riggers in professional circus schools, with the aim of enhancing the quality of safety measures and creating an international community eager to exchange skills, advice and expertise to be transmitted to future generations.

Program 26-28 April at SKH Circus

The program consists of a guided tour of SKH, workshops, sharings, planning of the project, and a lecture by Saar Rambout. There will also be activities within the annual FEDEC conference hosted by SKH 2022. 

The objectives of the project

"Riggers" is led in partnership between FEDEC and SKH with the aim to enhance the quality of safety measures in professional circus schools by:
•    sharing best practices;
•    seeking tailored solutions to common issues;
•    creating an international rigging community!


The project involves a total of nine partners, including eight circus schools from seven different countries: 

More information about the Erasmus project Riggers at FEDEC's website


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