Research Week 2022

Welcome to Stockholm University of the Arts Research Week 18–21 January 2022, which this year will again be held in a digital format.

During the week, artistic research and development projects are presented by doctoral students and senior researchers at SKH.

The purpose of the Research Week is to share, experience and exchange the many different approaches to, and perspectives on, the artistic research happening at SKH. Research Week is open to the public, and we encourage the entire student and staff body to attend as many events as possible across the four days. We see Research Week as a way for our SKH community, and our expanded communities, to experience, participate in and contribute to, our burgeoning research culture.


Tuesday 18 January 

Detailed information and Zoom links, 18 January

10:00 Welcome by Vice-Rector for Research Cecilia Roos 

10:10 John-Paul Zaccarini, FutureBrownSpace

10.45 Mamdooh Afdile, Kent Olofsson, Towards Implicit Cinema 

12:00 Lunch break 

13:00 Alisan Funk, Circus and Failure 

14:00 Åsa Johannisson, Alejandro Bonnet, Bricks and Clay 

15:00 Eli Bø, Arash Källmark, Guillermo Valerdi Chalate, Virtual production for students and indie productions 

16:00 Martin Sonderkamp, Jenny Sunesson, Ulrika Berg, Jennifer Lacey, Hara Alonso, Bodies as Ears – Speculations on Acoustosomatics 

Wednesday 19 January 

Detailed information and Zoom links, 19 January

09:00 Andreas Hiroui Larsson, Anna Lindal, Johan Jutterström, Lethe 

10:30 Lena Stefenson, The relation between the narrative and the scenic form in a movement-based performance 

11:30 Costanza Julia Bani, Too Loud and Too Bright – a Tale of Darkness and Quietness 

12:00 Lunch break 

13:00 Gunilla Pettersson, Hair, materiality and immanence 

14:00 Camilla Damkjaer, Johanna Garpe, Presence and sustainability within the performing arts 

15:10 Kersti Grunditz Brennan, Annika Boholm, Cecilia Öhrwall, Method to the Madness – The Sisters B. goes BLOD 

16:10 Tove Dahlberg, Interaction and Intimacy: Performing Sexuality in Opera

Thursday 20 January 

Detailed information and Zoom links, 20 January

09:00 CANCELLED Erik Gandini, Ellen Røed, Moving Image as Research: Ethics of Care and Consent in Moving Image Practices 

10:00 Kent Olofsson, Max Edkvist, New Methods and Technologies for Work with Immersive Sound in Performing Arts 

11:00 Niklas Hald, Anders Aare, Sonic Images of a Theatrical Event 

11:50 Lunch break 

13:00 Thomas Brennan, Am I Human? 

14:00 Anja Susa, Presentation of Alexandria Nova Strategic Partnership 

15:00 CANCELLED Martin Sonderkamp, Digital Performance 

Friday 21 January

Detailed information and Zoom links, 21 January

11:20 Mette Edvardsen, Chrysa Parkinson Book release for Afternoon Editions, no. 2

12:00 Lunch break 

13:00 Ethics and Art, Ethics and Artistic Research, seminar