Maipelo Gabang’s 30% Seminar

Maipelo Gabang’s 30% Seminar will be held on 3 March. Maipelo is a PhD candidate in Choreography.

Title of the PhD project:

Finding Upright


PhD candidate: Maipelo Gabang

What are you investigating and why?

Finding Upright is a choreographic research project, a discursive investigation of Black Womanhood within the African diaspora of Sweden. The project is accessed via the lens of the literature of Melissa Harris-Perry, in particular her writing on the Crooked Room. 

Looking in from the outside, curating communal spaces of alternative perspective, fashioning senses-of-self through connecting threads of reflection, retrospection and recognition. Delicate, resilient, intricate, elusive, slow, nonetheless steady we go.

30% seminar

This seminar will lay out the foundations of this project alongside the current scaffolding of questions, interests and potential methods that will assist in building onto to the inquiry.

Please come ready to participate in activities that will require participants to interact with one another in various but simple physical positions.

Read more about Maipelo’s PhD project on the website

Photo: Moe Gabang