Raw materials for distortion 

Welcome to a public presentation of work-in-progress by MA Choreography student Myrto Delimichali!

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Where? SKH Brinellvägen 58

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Myrto Delimichali: Raw materials for distortion 

A manual on how to escape heteronormative self-Presentation in the format of open rehearsal 

Raw materials for distortion is an experienced based, d.i.y. oriented research on transposing gender perception that claims for body fluidity, gender expansion, and new imageries of body. It is a 40 minute choreographic piece that started its journey early on November 2020 based on studio practices and observations of self-distortion. “Distortion” as a term it is used through this process as to notice the try outs of escaping the heteronormative perception of body. Therefore, escaping norms that impose the right or wrong gender performativity that equals to our body, age, class and cultural status.

Categorization and power structures inform our body limits and often demand us to fit in. Patriarchal and capitalistic gazing has formed a long history of compressed emotions, sexualities, desires and identities ended up in social margins as diverged and social exceptions.

The image of the “witch” inspired this process as a notion of the weirdness that female diversity can evoke. The movement research is focused on the history of posing from modern times up to nowadays. The space of this process aims to support confessions and transformations that derive from cheap daily materials. 

Keywords: perception, reception, digestion, re_negotiation, weirdness, intersectionality 

Performed by: Lena Kienzer, Mira Jochimsen, Joanna Kerkelä, Myrto Delimichali 

Light Design: Danae Lytra 

Choreography: Myrto Delimichali 

People contributed and participated in the process: Roula Samiotaki, Mariana Costa, Andrea Diaz Ghiretti , Stella Kruusamägi 

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