The waiting room

Welcome to a public presentation of work-in-progress by MA Choreography student Hugo Hedberg!

When? See program here

Where? SKH Brinellvägen 58, Studio 16

How? The sharing is of course free of charge but has a limited number of seats so please make your reservation by sending an email to producer

Hugo Hedberg: The Waiting Room

The Flamboyant Jester, The Shy One and The Proud Thief are waiting for the show to start. 

Welcome! In this room you will find a set of characters that are in a kind of limbo-land, figuring out where and when to appear. They are all waiting for the show to start. Together they dance and sing in order to make their lives less miserable. It might be the last show of their long lives. Their voices are thin and their facial expressions are deranged and funny. In this room everything is possible! The sensual, the desire, the boring, the ordinary - the waiting room might have it all. 

Choreography and Music: Hugo Hedberg 

Dance: Nellie Björklund, Ane Carlsen and Hugo Hedberg 

Costume: Konrad Lidén 

Thinking Partner: Peter Mills 

Contact with Hugo Hedberg 

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