Second coming

Welcome to a public presentation of work-in-progress by MA Choreography student Erik Valentin Berg!

When? See program here

Where? SKH Brinellvägen 58, Studio 16

How? The sharing is of course free of charge but has a limited number of seats so please make your reservation by sending an email to producer

Erik Valentin Berg: Second coming

A solo where the inspired body is on critical display

Second coming is a dance solo where the inspired body is on critical display.  Set in a revival meeting, the audience witnesses the performers' doubts, convictions and speculations. A brief moment of total connectivity changes everything. 

Second coming is an ongoing artistic research commitment. It focuses on the role of mystery in choreographic practices, dancing and writing. The commitment, stemming from the need to partially understand the process of becoming in relation to my formation as a choreographer, departs from the question: 

What combination of learnable skills, collegial support and obscure faith does an artist need in the age of uncertainty? 

Based on material collected from search for meaning and interpretation of a triangular symbol, the project has thus far along had three expositions: as a performance lecture, an essay published in Koreografisk Journal #7, and a dance solo. A forth exposition is planned in response to a promise made in the essay, in the form of a permanent body modification (tattoo). 

Concept, choreography, performance: Erik Valentin Berg 
Music: Mats Erlandsson 
Supervisor: Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir 

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