Practicing contexts, context as practice

Welcome to a public presentation of work-in-progress by MA Choreography student Andrea Diaz!

When? See program here

Where? SKH Brinellvägen 58, Studio 1 and 2

How? The sharing is of course free of charge but has a limited number of seats so please make your reservation by sending an email to producer

Andrea Diaz: Practicing contexts, context as practice

Portraits of permeable matter 

Practicing contexts can be understood as a way of sustaining a constant point of view towards what is kept at the margins of the focus of attention.  

It is an invitation to live with what surrounds us, negotiating the corporal limits in relation to the physical and sensory. The practice tries to maintain a balance that remains constant in its change, which invites us to perceive spaces from a perspective that tries, in turn, to maintain an organic transit of events. 

Fleeting events. 

I found strength in holding and being held by the space in a permeable manner that invites, instead, a vulnerable state of accessible matter 

For this instance, it will have the form of a book.  

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