MA Choreography share work in progress

Master students in Choreography invite you to their work-in-process sharing at SKH Brinellvägen 58.  

For a year and half we have been making things without being able to share them with a wider public. This has given a lot of privacy and time to dive deeply into sticky questions. But now we hope to open! 

We would be so happy to have your presence at this event that affords us all the pleasure of engaging in the very professional activity of exposing work to the world before it is quite ready. It comprises many diverse understandings on what the performative object of dance could be at different moments of development and experimentation. 

We hope that the adventurous, thoughtful and sometimes peculiar spirit of the program will give delight and look forward to a conversation. 

Welcome to SKH Brinellvägen 58 13-21 January 2022. The sharings are of course free of charge but with a limited number of seats so please pre-book by sending an email to

Photo: Amalia Kasakove 

MA Choreography presentations

Read more about each presentation by clicking on the student's name below:

Program 13-22 January 2022

Subject to changes

Thursday 13 January

Erik Valentin Berg: 17.00-17.50, Studio 16

Friday 14 January

Erik Valentin Berg: 18.00-18.50, Studio 16

Wednesday 19 January

Silja Tuovinen: 18.00-18.40, Studio 16

Mariana Costa: 19.00-20.15, Studio 6, Open rehearsal

Thursday 20 January 

Myrto Delimichali: 12.00-13.00, Studio 16 and 4

Nasreen Aljanabi Larsson, 15.00-15,40, Studio 16

Hugo Hedberg: 18.00-18.40, Studio 16

Nefeli Gioti: 19.10-19.50, Studio 16

Friday 21 January

Myrto Delimichali: 15.00-15.30, Studio 1

Mariana Costa: 16.00-17.15, Studio 6

Nasreen Aljanabi Larsson: 18.00-18.40, Studio 16

Myrto Delimichali: 19.00-19.30, Studio 1

Hugo Hedberg: 20.00-20.40, Studio 16

Saturday 22 January

Nefeli Gioti: 15.00-15.40, Studio 16

Andrea Diaz: 14.00-18.00, Studio 1 och 2, ”come and go”

Stella Kruusamägi: 16.00-18.00, Studio 4

Mariana Costa: 18.00-19.15, Studio 6


Information on SKH measures regarding Covid-19 and the MA Choreography public presentations 13-22 January 2022:

  • SKH follows the general recommendations from the Public Health Agency.  
  • Stay at home when you have symptoms such as a sore throat, runny nose, fever, cough or feeling generally unwell. 
  • Stay at home, if someone in your household falls ill with Covid-19, for seven days from the day when the infected person in your household took their test.  
  • Keep a distance from other people when you enter the building. Our host will inform and guide you in order to avoid crowds. 
  • Vaccination certificates are not required but there’s a limited number of participants and you will be seated with at least 1-meter distance. 
  • We remind unvaccinated adults to refrain from being in close contact with people in risk groups and those aged 70 and above. 

In addition we recommend you to use hand sanitizers when you arrive and wear face mask during the presentation. SKH will provide this at the entrance.  

Thank you!