How can field recording and mapping practices be re-configured into rituals for listening, exploring and re-imagining habitual space together?

This seminar is part of the Sound and Music Interaction Seminars series organized by the Sound and Music Computing group at the division of Media Technology and Interaction Design, KTH. In this seminar, Jenny Sunesson (SKH) presents her current research and practice.

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Since 2014, the sound artist Jenny Sunesson has been working in tandem with art, artistic research and pedagogy aiming to explore the specific capacities of sound as a communicatory and transformative agent in society and as a possible vessel for re-imagining space and place.  

This lecture examines the possibilities and ethical dilemmas of these practices and outlines some possible interconnections and overlaps between the three areas as well as some of the concepts developed by Sunesson. 

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About Jenny

Jenny Sunesson (b. 1973) is a Swedish artist predominantly working with sound and site-specificity. Her practice ranges from field recording and live collages to conceptual sound art and video. Sunesson often uses her own life as a stage for her re-contextualized work where real and invented characters and fragments collaborate in alternate stories of hierarchy and normative power. 

Jenny is an assistant professor of Sonic Practice at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH).