SKH at Tempo Documentary Festival 2021

Sweden's largest documentary festival takes place March 8-14 and this year it will be seen online, throughout Sweden. Our Department of Film and Media is traditionally involved in the festival and is responsible for three program items on Thursday 11 March.


Thursday March 11, at 09.00

Four teams of students in film photography, editing, sound design and music explored themes loosely related to the pandemic. The essays are collaborations from idea to finished film and the result is four distinct collective voices shaped and colored by the team members’ diversity of experiences and their different artistic specializations.

  • Like flower and birds and so on (Som blommor och fåglar och så)
  • Neglected (Försummad)
  • We are the pandemic (Vi är pandemin)
  • HAIR (HÅR)

4 Documentary Essays - Collaborative Filmmaking


Thursday March 11, at 11.00

As early as 1995, the philosopher Gemma Corradi Fiumara claimed that we had lost the ability to listen; “We have inherited a limited, halved concept of language”, she claimed. Fiumara’s deaf biosphere, oversaturated by the distortions of mobile phones, describes a dystopia – not far from now. Within the research project FACT, the artist Jenny Sunesson tests the method fragmenturgy and its capacity to re-activate our listening and create resistance in places outside society’s power center. The purpose is to create a sound activist toolbox.

Fact - Fragmenturgy Action Tool

THE HUNT FOR A KILLER (SKH – jakten på en mördare)

Thursday March 11, at 13.00

Crisp interrogation protocols are transformed into a realistic drama. Bengt Bok is a radio professor at Stockholm University of the Arts. Here he meets the screenwriter and radio producer Lotta Erikson in a conversation about last year’s most talked-about Swedish TV series. About taking reality and recasting it into fiction. How do you relate to the real people and the places? The series is not only a drama about the hunt for a murdurer, it is also a depiction of Sweden between 1989 and 2005. What liberties can you take? Lotta Erikson has extensive experience of documentary storytelling, what does she bring with her into fiction and screenwriting?

The Hunt for a Killer

Tempo Documentary Festival 8-14 March 2021

This is the largest festival of its kind in Sweden. Founded in 1998, Tempo has since the start presented creative documentaries from all over the world, which would otherwise not reach the Swedish audience.

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