Photo: Research Week 2020, Lina Persson/Jenny Sunesson: Return of the silurians.

Research Week 2021 (online)

Welcome to SKH's digital Research Week 19–22 January 2021. During the week, artistic research and development projects are presented by PhD candidates and senior researchers at SKH.

The purpose of the Research Week is to share, experience and exchange the many different approaches to, and perspectives on the artistic research happening at SKH. The week actively develops the SKH's community, providing a perfect opportunity for the entire student and staff body to experience, participate in, learn about and contribute to our growing research culture. Please try to attend as many events as possible across all four days. Research Week is also open to the public.

Participants 2021

Tuesday 19 January

09.45-10.00: Cecilia Roos welcomes everyone (in English)
10.00-10.30: Jan Rosén (in Swedish)
10.45-11.15: Annika Notér Hooshidar (in Swedish)
11.30-12.00: Alejandro Bonnet (in Swedish)
13.00-13.50: Josefine Wikström (in English)
14.00-14.30: Eli Bø and Katrin Brännström (in English)
14.45-15.35: Aleksandra Czarnecki Plaude, Åke Arvidsson and Kaj Ahlgren (in Swedish)
15.45-17.00: Alexander Skantze (in Swedish)

See the programme for day 1 together with Zoom-links:

Research Week 19 January

Wednesday 20 January

09.00-09.50: Itte Lundgren (in Swedish)
10.00-10.30: Ulrika Tenstam, Martin Hellström and Stina Ancker (in Swedish)
10.45-12.00: Wilhelm Carlsson (in Swedish and English)
13.00-13.50: Klas Dykhoff (in English)
14.00-14.30: Gunilla Pettersson (in Swedish)
14.45-16.00: Camilla Reppen, Tone Pernille Østern, Katarina Lion, Elisabet Sjöstedt Edelholm and Katarina Lundmark (in Swedish)

See the programme for day 2 together with Zoom-links:

Research Week 20 January

Thursday 21 January

10.00-11.15: Erik Gandini, Jyoti Mistry and Roland Paulsen (in English)
11.30-12.00: Bengt Bok (in Swedish)
13.00-14.15: Tinna Joné, Ewa Cederstam and Katarina Eismann (in English)
13:00-16:00: Linn Hilda Lambergs 30 %-seminarium: Woah, my love (in English)
14.30-15.00: Ylva Gustavsson (in Swedish and English)
15.15-16.05: Eli Bø and Arash Källmark (in English)

See the programme for day 3 together with Zoom-links:

Research Week 21 January

Friday 22 January

09.00-10.30: Presentation of SKH's new PhD candidates; Aron Birtalan, Caterina Mora, Erik Åberg, Maipelo Gabang, Marc Johnson, Marcia Nemer Jentsch and Savas Boyaz (in English)
10.45-11.15: Costanza Julia Bani (in English)
11.30-12.00: Ellen J Røed (in English)
13.00-13.50: Anja Susa (in English)
14.00-14.50: John-Paul Zaccarini and Josette Bushell-Mingo (in English)
15.05-15.55: Kersti Grunditz Brennan and Annika Boholm (in English)

See the programme for day 4 together with Zoom-links:

Research Week 22 January

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