A performative organism for experimenting being live in a not linear time.

By Nadi Gogoulou

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B.A.W.L. is an experiential performative organism to explore qualities of liveness in three different modes and times. You can enter and exit from different points as well as locations. The performative modes consist of a screening, a performance and a wandering in a QR code with the help of your personal digital machine. The times are before, after and while the performance happens. The what-is-live and what-is-recorded blur with the when-those-happened-and-recorded.

Rhythm, pattern, loops, repetition, iteration, musicality, virtuosity, playfulness are keywords for this map of a performance.

It is suggested to visit all three modes and times. Although in case this is not possible you can visit either one of them.


Idea| Performance| Editing | WebSite design – Nadi Gogoulou
Filming – Nadi Gogoulou, Sunniva VikØr Egenes
Organizational Assist – Nefeli Gioti
Dramaturgical Bouncers – Sofie Burgoyne | Csilla Hódi
Special Thanks - Rebecca Hilton, Octopus Heating Mat, Iris Nikolaou



The screening and the performance are happening

  • 21 May at 18:00
  • 22 May at 17:00
  • 23 May at 17:00
  • 24 May at 14:00




Scan this QR code:




Book your place at the performance at ccap/Hallen by sending an email to karin.hauptmann@uniarts.se

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