Back then, flying meant you could land in a farmer's field

By Leah Landau

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In October 2020 during studio visits, I began to listen to the original audio transmission of the moon-landing. Conversations, descriptions, and instructions between Houston and the astronauts echoed and bounced in my ears. I wondered how my body could inhabit this specific event in history and perhaps become implicated in its sonic tonality and strange atmosphere; its historic temporality and mechanics; its political and colonial undercurrents.

As I continued my research into the moon-landing, other politics on verticality began to emerge: the policing and ownership of the horizon and outer space; underground sewer surveillance; guerrilla tree planting.  A counter-research formed on the history of transmission: the first live stream, the influencer market, conspiracy theories and piracy tactics. A side-kick character, bearing resemblance to a Lindsey-Lohan-TV-Marketing-Lady grew and demanded some type of ‘attention-architecture’ : a space to land. 

The performance you will see brings these pieces of research together. I aim to work in the choreographic paradox: how can material collapse and continue at the same time? What if collapse took many forms? In this space, what can these dancing bodies hold, intercept or corrupt?


  • 21 May 19.00-20.00
  • 22 May 19.00-20.00 
  • 23 May 19.00-20.00 





Director and choreographer: Leah Landau
Performers: Oda Brekke, Alice McKenzie, Sigrid Sjöholm, Lisa Schåman, Leah Landau

Thanks to: NPP, Chrysa, Frank, Tove, Andros, Pavle, Daphne, Tessa, Celia, the First Year Bachelor's Students in Dance Performance and Kriss Kross.

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