Affective resonances

A laboratory event to participate and witness. 
A sound installation that becomes a performative site.
An invitation for listening.

By Iris Nikolaou

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As you listen, the particles of sound decide to be heard. 
Listening affects what is sounding. 
The relationship is symbiotic. 
As you listen, the environment is enlivened. 
This is the listening effect.

/Pauline Oliveros

I consider my practice as a transient, porous and fleshy home. From there I listen deeply to the emergent polyphonic terrain entangled with memories, encounters, temporalities and places that emanate from my embodied experiences as a performance artist and movement educator. I devise aural cartographies of those inner and outer sound worldings to re-orient myself. 

I would like to invite you to an experience of perceiving, knowing and practising which I call choreosounding, as means to activate a synaesthetic imagining, proprioceiving and situated listening.
Affective Resonances
is a temporal manifestation of choreosounding, that takes place as a laboratory event. Here, the audience is invited to be immersed in a multi-channel interactive sound installation. Fragments of personal field recordings, oral notes, found sounds, and vocal expressions of literary references compose the soniferous choreographic landscape with the participating witnesses' feeling-thinking bodies. The assembled audio material is informed by critical feminist discourses and sound studies, mediated by an auto-ethnographic account. Within this landscape, diverse movement and listening scores suggest ways of exploring a choreoresounding; they aim to inspire an intimate, and personal, yet shared multisensory experience. 


  • 27 May 15.00-16.00

Live-streamed performance open for all

  • 25 May 18.00-19.00
  • 26 May 18.00-19.00 
  • 27 May 18.00-19.00

Brinellvägen 58, Studio 16, SKH

Internal presentation - only for teachers and students at SKH Dance!

NPP presentation weeks 2021

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