Valami önmagán túlmutató (Something more than itself)

Mycelial beyondings: parallel engagements with and through mycelium as imagery, material and place

By Csilla Hódi


“Valami önmagán túlmutató” (“Some thing more than itself”) was the answer of Mihály Csizmár, mycologist to my question “What is mushroom if you think about it beyond your scientific or applied work related to it?”.

A fresh definition emerging from a conversation that was hoping for disanchorment from already-categorized knowledge.

A moment of diverging learning and unlearning space that wishes to be in and out of its object at the same time.

Mushroom mycelium as an ultimate object and a body to embody, move alongside and care for. Fueled by the knowledge-confusing potential of artistic worldmaking Csilla’s practice with two notorious experts of adaptation and colonization (mushrooms and humans) is fabricating joyful situations of coexistence.

A website ( in the making is trying to make surfaces to grasp and let its visitors to fabricate friendly logics around the question “How to organize like mushroom?” Besides the online map of ‘mycelial beyondings’ two in person gatherings would be offered for audience found in Stockholm that features a GAME and a DANCE produced in collaboration with Maria Subczyńska.

When and where?

  • 17-28 May

Access online any time: and

  • 20 May at 19.00-21.00
  • 26 May at 08.00-12.00

Gathering outside. Please drop a mail to if you wish to take part in any of my in-person gatherings 

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