Master students in Opera present their individual degree projects - part two

MA students in Opera Vocal Performance - Amie Foon and Maria Sveinungsen - invite you to live-streamed scenic presentations of their individual degree projects. Welcome!


PianoChristine Morgan

TeacherWilhelm Carlsson

Amie Foon

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As my independent project, I would like to look at a few aspects in studying a famous role that has been done many times before and hated and loved by many people throughout various times. 

I am studying the title role in Carmen by Bizet and looking at what makes Carmen and why this is such a popular character. 

In my depiction of Carmen, I would like to see what it is in her character that can separate her from the crowd, what makes her so special and one of a kind? What effect does she have on the people around her and why is that so? 

Maria Sveinungsen

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In my project, which I have chosen to call "Röstens hus" (The voice's house), I have explored how the body and the voice affect each other. I have tried to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of this through exercises, training/work out and change the center of gravity. The repertoire I have worked with is from Rickard Wagner's operas Tannhäuser, Lohengrin and Die Walküre.

Júlia Pérez Arquillo and Emelie Thoor

Júlia and Emelie presented their degree projects earlier this spring. 

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