Make love not war

We present this year's opera degree performance with Bachelor's and Master's students, performing scenes from The Consul (G. C. Menotti), La Bohème (G. Puccini) and Così fan tutte (W. A. Mozart)! Live-streamed performance 22 and 23 May. Welcome!

The live performance was streamed here 28 and 29 May 2021 and is no longer available. 

After three years of studies in vocal performance, musical interpretation, musical-dramatic performance, language, physical performance and artistic reflection, it is time for our Bachelor’s students to gather in a degree performance. 

Our Master's students complete a year of artistic opera research in their own projects by collaborating with the Bachelor’s. 

Now they all meet in scenes from three fantastic operas!

In The Consul, people struggle to leave the political oppression in their country. In the third act of La Bohème, the poor, young artists are tormented by the realization of Mimì's disease. The engaged couple in Così fan tutte is driven further and further into an increasingly hot love experiment.

The common theme we found for these, stylistically very different works is the question of responsibility towards our fellow human beings. How can I get rid of inhuman bureaucracy? What responsibility do I have to be honest with the one I love? How far can I push the limits of my faithfulness? What happens to me during the trial? Am I losing myself? What do I find then? 

We have taken inspiration from a time of political, artistic and sexual revolution.


Opera Vocal Performance Bachelor:

Opera Vocal Performance Master:

Piano: Majsan Dahling, Martin Hellström
Fortepiano: Martin Hellström

Conductor: Eric Solén
Director and set design: Stina Ancker
Director’s assistant and choreographer: Maria Lindeman (student Directing)
Musical coaching: Folke Alin, Anna Christensson, Majsan Dahling, Martin Hellström 
italian lyric diction: Giuseppina Penta
Costume: Mats Lindberg
Mask: Cais-Marie Björnlod
Light: Jimmy Svensson
Technician:  Jenni-My Andersson

Photo: Martin Hellström

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Thank you to the SKH Opera Friend's Association for a generous contribution to the performance!

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