Linn Hilda Lamberg's 30% seminar: Woah, my love

Welcome to Linn Hilda Lamberg's 30% seminar “Woah, my love ” 21 January. Linn Hilda is a PhD candidate in Performing Arts.

Participant: Linn Hilda Lamberg, Sofie Lebech (Opponent), Synne Behrndt (Supervisor) 

The project The vulnerable Director aims to explore the director identity in terms of authority and attachment. By situating practical experiences from the field in relation to theory from gender studies and sexology in I hope to contribute to a critical reflection on conventions associated to the director identity and its potential relations to other systems of power. 

At the 30% seminar I will present my research questions and share the motives and intentions I have in relation to the project. I will also share a smaller selection of the current exposition at Research Catalogue. As a part of the seminar, I will ask all attending to participate by filling in an anonymous survey. 

The exposition in it's current form can be accessed at: Exposition at Research Catalogue

The seminar will be streamed online via Zoom. 

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