Lina Persson's 30% seminar

Welcome to Lina Persson's 30% seminar on 9 April. Lina Persson is a PhD candidate in Film and Media.

Lina about her 30% seminar

I am currently exploring the dynamic process and interplay between the worldbuilding and worldings in my practice. Between an inner fantasy universe that I embed & immerse myself in, and my responses to everyday encounters in the university organization, research community, artistic collaborations and environmental activism etc.

We will look at my artistic process a couple of years back in time in order to see how the two parallel strands, the worldbuilding and the wordings, correlate to each other and what kind of agency or mode this enables. Climate justice is a major focus throughout the works.

PhD project: 
performative storyworlds

Title of the 30% seminar:
seminar in cyborg gaia

Michael Baers
Rebecca Hilton

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