To be, become and behave or my relationship with theory and process or taking refuge

An exploration by Majula Drammeh, MA student in Performing Arts

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Performance Research 1. How to break up with a video from Majula on Vimeo.

I imagine:

Now knowing all these things about my work, how I might enjoy myself and feel free from the frames and unspoken consent of dos and don’ts that we work within.

(If I create someone new, they don’t have to know, and I won´t have to prove myself).

I know.

I keep checking myself against them to prove to myself that I am correct in the things I do.

" Yes, I still belong”

At the same time

I have come to realize, that to be able to continue working I need to break free or create a go-to.

And to do that I must not feel alone.

This much I know.

I constantly search for someone to tell me what to do.

I am co-dependent on someone’s needs. I feel lost. I am ashamed and I can´t stop pretending.

Honesty I just feel reminded of the otherness I always look through.

I look like the other.

I want to be you I want to interact with you.

And I want who I am to not matter.

Let me be anyone, just this once……


Is Majula Drammeh´s artistic research of her work as a self-directing performer and dancer in mainly interactive performances. Her research has asked

What do performers “do” beyond what is seen?

The intention has been to be able to see that by being i.e. to exist with, breathe with, become part of, attend to and situate herself in relation to performance arts and black feminism theory without being hurt.

By the use of the somatic practice, reading and taking refuge in her methods Shade was born. Shade is a performance persona who gives access to undoing knowledge in Majula as well as in the person Shade meets.

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Written exposition and more video material and sound will be available in Diva.

Majula Drammeh

Majula Drammeh (f.1982) is educated in Dance theatre at Laban Center London and Museology at Lunds  University.

She works as a performer, dancer and has performed in works by Poste-Restante (SWE), Myriam Leifkowitz (FRA) Ina Dokmo (SWE), Simone Forti (US) amongst others and has had collaborations with BlaueFrau (FIN), Maria Reihs (SWE), Robin Dingemans (SWE) amongst others.

She has performed in art galleries, city streets, abandoned clubhouses, dark rooms and in video work.

Majula is interested in interactive work and has during the last few years focused on what her process is in interactive work and what methods are used. Majulas own work tends to focus on interaction, representation and humour and the borderline between performance arts and dance. 

Majula is a member of Nya Rörelsen-Koreografer i Skåne.  

Contact: Majula Drammeh

Explorations of contemporary performing arts

Documentations of final projects by MA students at the Department of Performing Arts.

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