Ellen Nyman's 30% seminar

Welcome to Ellen Nyman's 30% seminar on 1 February. Ellen Nyman is a PhD candidate in Performing Arts.

PhD project: 
Performative strategies, dimensions of emancipation

Opponent: Jane Jin Kaisen
Actress: Astrid Kakuli

Link to the seminar: Ellen Nyman's 30% seminar

Ellen Nyman's is a PhD Candidate at the Acting Department with a special interest in performative and activist traditions that touch on social and normative constructions, decolonizing processes, black studies and adoption. Ellens PhD project investigate how actors handle norms and what strategies are developed to handle or circumvent these. What expressions do these strategies generate and what can then arise, and how one can imagine, an artistic practice beyond and within these norms. 

Schedule 30% seminar: 

The seminar includes a reading of a couple of essay texts, a research presentation, a conversation with the actress Astrid Kakuli. This is followed by Opponent Jane Jin Kaisen, who is a visual artist and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. 

  • 16.00-16.05 Welcome, Eli Bø (English)
  • 16.05-16.25 Reading of essay texts, Astrid Kakuli and Ellen Nyman (Swedish)
  • 16.30-16.50 Research presentation by Ellen Nyman (English)
  • 16.50-17.05 Conversation with Astrid Kakuli (Swedish)
  • 17.05-17.30 Pause 30 min
  • 17.30-17.50 Opponent's presentation, 20 min Jane Jin Kaisen (English)
  • 17.50-18.10 Conversation with opponent 20 min in (English)
  • 18.10-19.00 Questions reflections from the audience 20 min

Ellen Nyman on Research Catalogue