Costume and space in transformation

Students in Narrative Design, Costume Design, Scenography and Mime Acting, share their presentation “Costume and space in transformation” with you. Enjoy!

With a theme around the concept of transformation students from three SKH departments - Acting, Film and Media and Performing Arts - has created costume and choreography in a mediated scenography. 

During the five-week course Costume and space in transformation, they have gained an in-depth understanding of the methods, processes and technology used to shape visual worlds in the performing arts and moving visual experiences.

The film is from the final presentation at SKH that took place in February 2021. 


Narrative Design

  • Vivien dos Reis Guimil  
  • Saar Rombout 
  • Hanna Westerling 
  • Zahra Zavareh 

About the course Narrative design

Costume Design

  • Amanda Hedman Hägerström 
  • Franciska Clea Forslund Toubro 
  • Lena Adamson 
  • Pia Gyll 


About the programme Costume design


  • Greta Weibull 
  • Toni  Botwid 
  • Emil Wickholm Thuresson 
  • Ylva Norlin 


About the programme Scenography

Mime Acting

  • Karu Wallin 
  • Katja Wester 
  • Fabiola Cruz 
  • Amina Avdic 
  • Ellen Vestermark 
  • Andreas Anterot 
  • Tehilla Blad 
  • Meera Ryan 
  • Isabell Gustavsson 


About the programme Mime acting


The students worked in four teams in a corona safe practical team exercise.

Team 1: Karu, Katja, Franciska, Toni, Vivien
Team 2: Fabiola, Amina, Pia, Emil, Saar, 
Team 3: Ellen, Andreas, Isabell, Amanda, Greta, Hanna
Team 4: Tehila, Meera, Lena, Ylva, Zhara


Katrin Brännström (course leader), Assistant Professor of Set Design at SKH

Maria Geber, (course leader) Assistant Professor of Costume Design at SKH

Anna Heymowska; independent designer, scenographer and costume designer

Martin Christensen, artist and teacher in Digital Visualizations and 3D at the Royal Institute of Art

Mirko Lempert , Assistant Professor of Visual Media at SKH

Karl Sandzen, Assistant Professor of Animation at SKH

Foto: Per Bolkert

Film: Torulf Holmström

The presentation is available on from now on.