QUARTO Communal Rope - as a promise of what is yet to come

In COMMUNAL ROPE, QUARTO collaborates with BA dance students year 2 at Stockholm University of the Arts, as well as a group of professional dancers. You as audience will be forming a temporary community, following the movement of the rope through the streets of Stockholm, starting from Weld at Nortullsgatan 7, via Dansens Hus by Norra Bantorget and through to MDT on Skeppsholmen.

Follow the rope’s movement between Weld, Dansens Hus and MDT - on-site or online!

Take part in the entire experience or join parts of it, online or in person.

COMMUNAL ROPE “as a promise of what is yet to come” from Septemberfilm on Vimeo.

It all started a decade ago as an exhilarating yet laborious encounter between the very long stretch of thick black rope and the two of us. Now, after many iterations of this first formative meeting, the time has come for us to share the rope. To allow it to not just coil and knot in between two of us but rather extend, stretch and travel among others and across the urban landscape.

As we progress with the rope we will be reconnecting to an as of yet unfulfilled promise that the shared work has the power to make us dream about the city, not as a site of collective isolation but rather as a topography of an active compassionate co-existence that we have a right to claim as our shared home. Even if such a shared home is not yet built, this will not prevent us from desiring it into existence. Maybe, just maybe, the kilometre-long rope can help. Because, when the connections between the multiple separate points become the real purpose of stretching the rope, then the rope itself is ready to transform in its meaning and its purpose. The knot is getting undone yet entanglement is maintained, beyond the density of the material and toward the voids that are opening in between. In this transformation, the distance that was separating us is suddenly revealed as a web of intimate yet immaterial relations that are bringing us together, that is re-creating the time-space that we are sharing, social time-space which hold us and host us, in whose in-betweenness we are dwelling.

This will be a six-hour-long performance where a kilometre long rope is carried slowly through the streets of Stockholm. You can choose to take part in the entire experience or join parts of it, online or in person. Our hosts will be present throughout the journey.

Choreography & concept: Anna Mesquita &
Leandro Zappala

Dramaturg: Igor Dobričić
Visuals: Pol Matthé
Video: Lumination of Sweden & Mila Ercoli
Production: QUARTO & Nordberg Movement
Co-ordinator: Nina Øverli
Participants: Irma von Platen, Bartira Fortes, Leah Landau, Robin Dingemans, Mariana Costa, Linn Ragnarsson, Viktoria Andersson, Britta Kiessling, Stella Kruusamägi, Dafne Giannikopoulou, Emma Kerttula, Laura Linna, David Anstey, Bartek Mikula, Mira Jochimsen, Roula Argiri Samiotaki, Joanna Kerkelä, Philippa Tsai

Co-production: Weld, MDT and Dansens Hus Stockholm. In collaboration with Stockholms konstnärliga högskola, SKH. 

With support from Kulturrådet, Stockholms Stad & Region Stockholm.


The artist duo QUARTO was founded in 2003 by Anna Mesquita and Leandro Zappala.  QUARTO lives and works between two very different cultures – Brazil and Sweden.  Together with other artists and researchers, they engage in long-term research within interdisciplinary art, involving both theory and practice.  Engaging in philosophical questions about power relations, and the boundaries of the body, they aim to motivate thoughts and subjectivity through a radical, visual and physical experience.