Circus Short Shows

BA circus students in short shows - solo and in groups - live-streamed from the SKH circus hall and outdoors.


Live-stream 2 June 10.30-14.30

From solo shows to group projects, performed in the circus hall and on the street, these young circus artists reveal their talent and vision for the future of circus.

’Short Shows’ is a second-year project that gives students an opportunity to experiment with show creation.

With the help of Outside Eyes Viktoria Dalborg and Benjamin Richter, and the rigging expertise Johan Bodin and Matt Horton, these shows have been created and rehearsed in three weeks.

Due to Covid restrictions, the shows will be live-streamed.

Excerpts from the shows will be posted on SKH play after the performances.


2 June:

10.30-11.00 Domenyk LaTerra and Isak Stockås

12.00-12.30 Clemence DeFelice

12.30-13.00 Matthes Speidel

14.00-14.30 Duo Mariole: Ole Dampe and Marie Binda

16.30-17.00 No live stream. The presentation will be published on SKH play afterwards. Morgane Staeheli, Elisa Bitschanu, Sebastien Klink, Robyn Haefeli and Justin Collas

3 June:

11.00-11.30 No live stream. The presentation will be published on SKH play afterwards. Duo L: Quentin Dubot and Håkon Hemmer

The Bachelor's Programme in Circus 

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The photo was taken for the ensemble show Now You See in February earlier this year by Einar Kling Odencrants and shows student Elisa Bitschanu.