Workshop for future doctoral candidates

If you consider applying for a position as doctoral candidate, you have possibilities to participate in a one-day workshop. Choose from six occasions in Swedish and six occasions in English.
A day of thinking and writing organized like an intense workout for the brain. A day where you will have possibilities to ask questions. How do I write my application for a position as doctoral candidate? What does it mean to take a Ph.D.? What is a research question? In what language should I write? Do I have to write at all? How is my daily life as a doctoral student? What is institutional work?
Will I become somebody else? Do I have to buy a doctor's hat? What is a percent seminar? How will I find my voice in an academic setting? What is the new knowledge?
The Department of Film and Media at Stockholm University of the Arts invites you to a day of critical reflection and writing. We write by hand. Phones and computers are unplugged during the day. In a common effort to write and think we will create a temporary research milieu.
The workshop in writing is given in Swedish and English versions. The aim is to facilitate for you that wants to apply for a position as doctoral candidate in Film and Media.
Workshops in English
Friday 17 January
Friday 24 January
Friday 31 January
Friday 7 February
Friday 14 February
Friday 21 February
See the Swedish workshops dates here.
Practical information
• The workshop will be held at SKH, Valhallavägen 189, Stockholm.
• The workshop will be held between 10.00 and 16.00.
• Last registration date for the workshop is one week before selected date
• For the workshop to start, there must be at least 4 registered. The group will be 8 persons at the most.
• The application period for the PhD program is between 6th January and 28th of Februar
Send your registration to or call/send a sms to 070 6329369 with the date.
Nils Claesson who is giving the workshop Ph.D. in Film. His defense took place in 2017 and he was the first Ph.D. to be examined at Stockholm University of the Arts.
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