The Art of Impact expositions

Join the online event "The Art of Impact expositions" with master's graduates in Film and Media, live from Filmhuset on SKH YouTube-channel 29 May at 2 pm!

The art of Impact is one of three course-profiles within the Master´s programme in Film and Media at Stockholm Univerity of the Arts (SKH). Through augmented realities and immersive media, we have enhanced our awareness of the existing reality – but whose reality? 

The Art of Impact believes that art can change the world, and proudly presents seven brilliant, willful and courageous master's students who will make it!

Ask your questions in the live chat on YouTube  - and the students will answer you in 360° in the following Q&A. 

We are sending live on YouTube from Studio 1 in FIlmhuset all afternoon!

Live event on YouTube 29 May at 14:00 (until approximately 16:30)

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Editor: Elias Kautsky
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The Art of Impact is part of FilmMediaExpo2020 that includes all expositions and graduates from the Master's Programme in Film and Media at SKH 2020.

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The Master’s Programme in Film and Media 2018-2020 has three profiles: