Sonotopia - Utopian Sketches For Sonic Art Futures

Welcome to the final exposition by the students attending the freestanding course Sound as Critical Practice.

In a world of political, social and environmental turbulence all human disciplines must join forces and contribute with their particular knowledge in the urgent quest for change.

What might such groundbreaking sonic practices sound like? What obscured potentials might be lurking in the hidden depths of the sonic sphere?

Sound as Critical Practice

Sonotopia is a group event where the students at the course Sound as Critical Practice at the Department of Film and Media at SKH, perform their utopian, sonic sketches. Each project is based on the individual student’s artistic development related to the critical practices, methods, texts and theories presented within the course.


  • Erik Peters
  • Girilal Baars
  • Johan Sundell
  • Julia Adzuki
  • Katt Hernandez
  • Moa-Lina Olbers Croall
  • Richard Widerberg
  • Yari Stilo


  • Jenny Sunesson, Assistant Professor of Sonic Practice
  • Åsa Stjerna, Guest teacher

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