SKH Film and Media Day at Tempo Documentary Festival

Master students and teachers from the Department of Film and Media at SKH invites you to a day of presentations and mingle at the largest doc fest in Sweden: Tempo Documentary Festival.

Project presentation

Master students in Documentary processes
Kl 09:00-10:30 i Teater Tre

Master students in Documentary Processes at SKH are presenting their master projects: seven minutes pitch and seven minutes for industry delegates and audience to ask questions and eventually connect and meet after the pitch. The students have been working on their master project for two years and are currently working on their final stages. In June the projects will be presented in the form they have finalized them into during their final examination at SKH. The presentations will be held in English.  

Master students Documentary Processes

Urgent Pedagogies 

Master students in Art of Impact
Kl  10:45-11:45 i Teater Tre

SKH Master´s programme The Art of Impact presents results of their Outpost in Brazil. Outpost is designed to help develop the students' learning process in multiple ways challenging their concepts of society, culture and art and creating new perspectives; developing new artistic practices, by collaborating with others and navigating complexity and uncertainty. The students present projects in multiple formats: a body of work, based on documentary research that questions through the use of new and immersive media themes of LGBTQ+ and activism. The presentations will be held in English. 

Co-Producing documentaries Internationally - an overview 

Assistant Professor in Film and Media Costanza Julia Bani
Kl 12:15-13:15 i Teater Tre

SKH presents a seminar held by Costanza Julia Bani, Assistant Professor in Film and Media Production and producer for Fasad Production AB, around the theme of international co-productions with a focus on documentaries with hints to impact producing and outreach campaigns. The lecture will give an overview on possibilities how to endorse during development, which markets to visit, find partners to finance, co-producers and distribute on different platforms, up to planning an audience (In English)

SKH mingles: The Documentary Goes Art world

Professor of Radio Production, Bengt Bok, and artist Sonia Hedstrand
Kl 17:30-19:00 i T8ng

Professor at SKH, Bengt Bok and artist Sonia Hedstrand, talks about taking the documentary into the art world with galleries, installations, museums - something that the traditional documentary world knows very little about. 

Maybe a new art field will emerge? What differentiates the documentary and the art - in working methods, expressions and forms? And not least the ethics? How much more "free" can I be as an artist compared to documentary filmmakers?

Tempo Documentary Festival 2-8 March 2020

Tempo Documentary Festival is the largest festival of its kind in Sweden. Founded in 1998, Tempo has since the start presented creative documentaries from all over the world, which would otherwise not reach the Swedish audience. Tempo has established a unique forum for the presentation of documentary work across traditional boundaries – Film, radio, photography and transmedia as well as more experimental forms of expression.

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