Research week 2020

Welcome to SKH's research week 2020!

During the week, artistic research projects within opera, performance, film and media and choreography will be presented, both ongoing and finished.

Tuesday 21 January

When: 09:00–16:45
Where: SKH, Brinellvägen 58 (former DOCH School of Dance and Circus)
Host: Rebecca Hilton, Professor of Choreography for the Profile Area Site, Event, Encounter

Participants: Tinna Joné, Ulrika Malmgren, Bogdan Szyber, Andreas Berchtold, Chrysa Parkinson, Rebecca Hilton (värd), Susanne Martin, Martin Sonderkamp, Lina Persson

Detailed programme TUESDAY

Wednesday 22 January

When: 09:00–16:45
Where: SKH, Teknikringen 35 (former University College of Opera)
Host: Johanna Garpe, Professor of Bodily and Vocal Practices 

Participants: Leif Lundberg, Annika Notér Hooshidar, Karin Delén, Tove Dahlberg, Tove Salmgren, Moa Frantzén, Kajsa Wadhia, Ulrika Berg, Juliette Mapp

Detailed programme WEDNESDAY

Thursday 23 January

When: 09:20–18:45
Where: SKH, Valhallavägen 189 (former Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts)
Host: Ellen J Røed, Professor of Film and Media for the Profile Area Art, Technology, Materiality

Participants: Ellen J Røed, Anna Lindal, Anders Larsson, My Häggbom, Kersti Grunditz Brennan, Annika Boholm, Klas Dykhoff, Lina Persson, Jenny Sunesson

Detailed programme THURSDAY

Friday 24 January

When: 09:00–15:45
Where: SKH, Linnégatan 87
Host: Juliette Mapp, Professor of Choreography for the Profile Area Concept and Composition

Participants: Erik Gandini (Valhallavägen 189), Annette Arlander, Carina Reich, Vanja Hamidi Isacsson

Detailed programme FRIDAY


Sissel Behring,

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The whole programme: Poster, Research Week 2020

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