Cancelled: Radical Light & While they are floating

All performances of Radical light and While they are floating are cancelled.

We all have a responsibility to prevent the continued spread of the coronavirus and therefor we are cancelling the dance presentations Radical light and While they are floating, for an external and an internal audience during March and April.

We regret this. The public student presentations are an opportunity for us to welcome an external audience to SKH, for you to see our amazing students and their work, and for the students to perform for you. 

Welcome back another time. 

The Bachelor’s Programme in Dance Performance is an education in contemporary dance, artistic creation and practice. The training consists of physical and theoretical teaching with a focus on the dancers' practise and artistic processes.

The performances Radical Light and While they are floating are included in the courses Performance Practice and Theory 2b and Choreography Practice and Theory 2b.

Free admission but pre-booking is recommended because of limited seats.

Sanchis_5312.jpgPhoto: Nicklas Dennermalm

Radical Light

Choreography: Salva Sanchis

In Radical Light, a creation for five dancers, choreographer Salva Sanchis combines experience-related and formal dance. ‘Experience-related’ stands for the dances that we create spontaneously at a party or at home: instinctive but also socially determined. Formal dance, however, is what you see in dance performances, the movements are completely ‘composed’.

Sanchis finds inspiration in Discodesafinado’s fuse of minimal techno and experimental electronics. Radical Light unleashes the musical concept of pulse on five dancers: straightforward, multilayered and unadulterated.

Immerse yourself in sound and movement at an uncompromising 120 beats per minute.

For this new version with five students, the overall composition of the piece is kept untouched, and new source material is created by the students themselves.


Choreography: Salva Sanchis
Rehearsal directors: Salva Sanchis och Peter Savel 

Original cast: Inga Huld Hakonardottir, Peter Savel, Stanislav Dobak, Thomas Vantuycom, Salva Sanchis
Music: Discodesafinado (Joris Vermeiren and Senjan Jansen)

The original version of Radical Light was premiered in 2016 as a production of Kunst/Werk, with the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap.

Biography Salva Sanchis

Salva Sanchis (Catalonia, 1974), graduated with the first promotion of P.A.R.T.S. in 1998 and has produced over 20 choreographic works since then, including collaborations with Flemish artists Marc Vanrunxt and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. His last two productions, Radical Light (2016), and the restaging of Love Supreme (2005/2017), a piece signed in collaboration with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker/Rosas, have toured extensively in the last 3 years. As of 2017 Salva has relocated in his native Catalonia and has indefinitely put choreographic activity on hold, while dedicating himself to teaching, studying and enjoying life with family and friends.

bild Salvador Sanchis, photo Bart Grietens.jpg
Choreographer Salva Sanchi. Photo: Bart Grietens

Hooman_4716.jpgPhoto: Nicklas Dennermalm

While they are floating

Choreographer: Hooman Sharifi

Refugees are often presented as masses of people who come in large groups. But for every asylum seeker, there is a personal journey full of own experiences, choices, understandings, memories and longings. Even though the journey is done in the company of others, you are also very alone - with responsibility for yourself and your own history.

What do we take with us when we leave a home, and how do we take care of what we have lost?

The dancers embody stories of refugees and try to discover universal memories. With empathy and physical, heavy, large, demanding movements, the dancers try to create a common meeting point so that we can coexist.


Choreography, directing and light: Hooman Sharifi
Made and performed by: 

Music: Helge Sten
Stage technic: Lumination of Sweden

Biography Hooman Sharifi 

Hooman Sharifi is a Norwegian choreographer with roots in Iran. His career in dance started with hip hop in the teens and continued with classical and modern ballet training during the twenties. He is educated in choreography at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and is particularly interested in art expressions at the intersection of dance, theatre and visual art. In 2000 he founded his own company Impure Company, which works to make social engagement and politics visible in the arts.

Sharifi's language of movement is often physically challenging, intense and powerful, exploring the deeper feelings behind power, political systems and violence through precise movements and other scenic means. Sharifi was the Artistic Director for Carte Blanche 2014-2019. Sharifi’s second performance for Carte Blanche: While They Are Floating had its premiere 2017.

Bild Hooman Sharifi, photo Tale Hendnes..jpg
Choreographer Hooman Sharifi. Photo: Tale Hendnes

Biography Helge Sten

Based in Oslo, Norway, composer, musician and music producer Helge Sten (aka Deathprod) has been crafting his music since the early 90s, a deeply atmospheric, grainy minimalism that slows time down and explores the very particles of sound itself.

Sten is a founder member of Norwegian improvising group Supersilent, and he has collaborated with artists as diverse as Biosphere, and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones. He has produced records by Motorpsycho, Susanna, Jenny Hval, Arve Henriksen and others. In 1998, alongside Biosphere, he electronically transformed the music of Norway’s leading contemporary composer, Arne Nordheim. More recently he composed music for Harry Partch’s legendary invented instruments for the Cologne-based Ensemble Musikfabrik, as well as commissioned pieces for Trondheim Voices and Ensemble Modern.