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Research Week 2019

Welcome to Stockholm University of the Arts' Research Week!

During the Research Week we present research in many forms and across all stages of development. It may be at its very beginnings or in its final iteration, a fragment or single element of a larger project, a participatory event, a demonstration of practice, or an experiment with presentation formats and/or exposition modes. Read more about the Research Week.

Participants during the research week

Tuesday 22 January (DOCH, School of Dance and Circus)

Kristine Slettevold, Martin Sonderkamp, Andreas Berchtold, Katarina Lion, Katarina Lundmark, Annika Notér Hooshidar, Ingrid Redbark Wallander, Annette Arlander, John Paul Zaccarini and My Häggbom.

Wednesday 23 January (University College of Opera)

Stina Ancker, Ulrika Tenstam, Martin Hellström, Carina Reich, Per Borin, Annette Arlander, Katrin Brännström and Leif Lundberg.

Thursday 24 January (Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts)

Kersti Grunditz Brennan, Annika Boholm, My Häggbom, Anders Larsson, Eli Bø, Bengt Bok and Marcus Lindeen (Movie: Flotten).

Friday 25 January (Linnegatan 87)

Tinna Joné, Bogdan Szyber, Harald Stjerne, Niklas Hald, Marcus Lindeen and Mareike Dobewall.

Note! Release of VIS Issue 1 at. 15:45–16:15. We will present the latest issue of VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research with ten expositions. The theme for the issue is Risk within artistic research.

The program

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