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Marie Fahlin 80% seminar Centauring

In her exposition Centauring, doctoral candidate Marie Fahlin presents some of her work within her research project Moving through Choreography – Curating Choreography as an Artistic Practice.

In her research Marie Fahlin is investigating how the concept curating can be understood and renegotiated from a choreographic perspective and how it can influence the artistic choreographic work; how can on “take care of” choreography? The PhD-project consists of two strands that are weaved together and accumulates content over time; one is the creation of a model for an artistic curatorial practice, the other is the choreographic work based on dressage as a “found” choreographic practice between humans and horses, where questions about harmony, touch and tension, fear and support, submission, obedience, ideas of oneness and “the third body” is the ground for choreographic movements and objects, exhibited and performed. Centauring is an ongoing re-dressaging of earlier exposed objects, bodies and documentation in contact with new traces and forms.

What will we get to know during your seminar?

I’m approaching dressage as a tool to think of curating as an “aiding” technique where the works that constitutes part of the collection will be exposed to bending, forming, wringing and twisting methods in the choreographing of two expositions based on concepts from the German dressage scale; Geraderichtung and Anlehnung. Some of the works exposed will be: it choreograped, twitch – sing die Losgelassenheit, wridden, wridden RAK, vrid(n)a kropp, ITWRIEDTETO, air centaur – fett, black out dance, to be straight is the most difficult thing, BROKEN BIT, seer circle will whip lean, tender dirt, she’s a good exercise, The Bondage of Poetry and wrid.

Opponent: Noémie Solomon 

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