Mareike Nele Dobewall 50% seminar –“Voicelands”

Mareike Nele Dobewall is a doctoral candidate in Opera at Stockholm University of the Arts since 2017. 29 March it's time for her 50% seminar “Voicelands”.



Landing in spaces
that hold history and memory.

Exploring these territories
with human beings who lend their voice
to travel to areas
inaccessible for the body.

Sharing discoveries with visitors
who join this community
in ephemeral landscapes
shaped by fluid sounds
in playful dialogue with architecture.


Mareike Dobewall works with performers to create live acoustic and spatial music performances. Her choreography explores sounding bodies in encounters with acoustic and architectural sites.The dialogue between musicians and spaces researches site-specific and -sensitive sound. The performances are open-ended experiences where the audience can drift about. From shifting positions they are free to explore the varying aural perspectives.


Wilhelm Carlsson, Professor at University College of Opera, Stockholm University of the Arts

Trond Lossius, Head of Artistic Research and Fellowship Programme at Oslo National Academy of the Arts


Dr. Anne Gry Haugland, Associate Professor at The Danish Royal Academy of Music