Kerstin Perski's 80% seminar – ”In search of Borderlands. An opera expedition- dreamed.”

On 15 January it's time for Kerstin Perski 80%-seminar at University College of Opera. The title of the seminar is ”In search of Borderlands. An opera expedition- dreamed.” Kerstin is a doctoral candidate in the field of opera.

In her doctoral project, Kerstin Perski investigates how, and through which processes, a dramatic content can be transformed into text, vocal and instrumental action, in a cross-border collaboration between the librettist, the composer and the singers and instrumentalists.

When focusing on the enlivening of the plasticity of the dramatic content, as well as on the effort to create a common intentionality between all participants involved, new methods and tools have had to be invented, tested and sharpened.


10.00-11.00: Presentation of the doctoral reseerch project.
11.00-11.20: Break
11.20-13.30: Opposition and Discussion 


Kerstin Perski: Playwright, librettist, writer.
Catharina Backman: Composer and musician.
Discussant/Opponent: Freddie Rokem: Professor emeritus in Theatre studies at Tel Aviv University and guest professor at Chicago university. Dramaturg.
Moderator/ Supervisor: Kristina Hagström Ståhl: Professor in performative arts at Gothenburg university and PARSE. Director.
Supervisor: Bengt Bok. Professor in film and media at Stockholm uniarts, creator of documentaries, journalist, writer.

In Kerstin Perskis 50% seminar, the audience was invited to share some of the methods crystallized from 5 workshops and to hear and see how they were applied in the creation of two scenes from the music drama "Borderlands".

In her 80% seminar, the focus is on the writing process which she has subsequently undertaken, to transform the subjective experience of the research process from the perspective of the librettist, into a fictional text that constitutes both an enlivening and part of the documentation strategy.
During the seminar, the audience will get acquainted with Donna Q and Donna P, two ragged, passionate and idealistic travelers, with the help of whom she has chosen to investigate her own investigation. 

Please send a mail to if you would like to receive the texts that will be enlivened and discussed at the seminar.

Find out more about Kerstin Perskis doctoral research project: ”The poetics of enlivening. In search of the music drama ”Borderlands” and the transformation of the drama through text, vocal and instrumental acting.”