Jakobe Geens/Closing Acts 2018

Uniarts at Järvaveckan

Stockholm University of the Arts participates during Järvaveckan 14–16 June and offers seven different try-outs for children.

Try mime and opera, dance hiphop and develop your own dance style, learn to create movies, try juggling and create your own wounds with makeup!


Friday 14 June

Let your arms become wings, your legs boiled spaghetti and turn you into a jumping spider and dinosaur.

Try mim and acting!
14:30–15:15 (from 5 years)
Leader: Katarina Rodopoulos, mime and actor

Tell a fairy tale with voice and movement.

Opera – How does it work?
15:30-16:15 (from 10 years)
16:30-17:15 (from 13 years)
Leader: Stina Ancker, associate professor in theatrical design, Martin Hellström associate professor in musical design and Ulrika Tenstam lecturer in opera

Saturday 15 June

Create a dance with hiphop grooves and some basic steps.

14:30-15:15 (from 7 years)
Leader: Afra Hosseini, dance pedagogue

How does everyday snapchat and instagram become a movie?

Radio and Film
16:00-17:30 (from 13 years)
Leader: Nicklas Wedin, photographer / editor / director and Amra Heco, documentary filmmaker

Sunday 16 June

Try juggling and paracrobatics.

14:30–15:15 (from 6 years)
Leader: Anna Nerman, circus teacher

Make your own wounds with makeup and play with theatre blood and create nosebleeds.

Make-up wounds!
16:00-16:45 (from 10 years)
Leader. Frida Ottosson, maskör

Develop new feelings and experiences in your dance style.

Develop your dance
17:30–18:15 (from 14 years, only for girls)
Leader: Emelie Enlund, dancer and dance pedagogue


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