DOCH, School of Dance and Circus

Hosting Hosts

The 1 st year students at the Bachelor Programme in Dance presents Hosting hosts by Thiago Granato.

Hosting Hosts is a choreographic experience in which fourteen dancers have been exposed to selected images of non-human beings and narratives of extra sensory perceptions. The exposure occurred inside the creation of complex social exchanges and stimulated their
bodies to manifest forces and signs so far unknown.

The resulting physical transformations of the fourtenn dancers are hybrid corporealities and attitudes, homogeneously eager to return to the environment in which they were born. To exist and to remain, they must adapt, because the reality they have learned is what they must contend with... for now.

Hosting Hosts is an adaptation of the piece Hosts, created in 2017 by Thiago Granato for
the second year students of MTD2 (Modern Dance Theater 2) at AHK in Amsterdam.

The performance is a part of the course Performance Practice and Theory 1b where the students meet artists and teachers such as Thiago Granato, Kristine Slettevold, Josefine Wikström, Robin Jonsson, Pavle Heidler, Jeroen Peters och Martin Sonderkamp a.o


Direction, choreography, adaptation and physical training: Thiago Granato.
Direction assistance: Sandro Amaral.

Performance and co-creation, 1st years students in The Bachelor’s Programme in Dance:

  • Adam Jönsson
  • Cilia Herrman
  • Daphne Giannikopoulou
  • Heta Asikainen
  • Jane Sievänen
  • Mariê Maravieski
  • Natalia Drozd
  • Saara Saraste
  • Sigrid Sjöholm
  • Sonja Karoliina Aaltonen
  • Taika Rautiainen
  • Tone Johannessen
  • Wilma Maunula
  • Wilma Seppälä

Light designing: Maarten Jansen.
Lights adaptation: Jonatan Winbo.
Soundstudio: Geert Oddens.