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Ever losing // Gel: live-set

In the duet Ever losing, Olivia Riviere and Lisen Pousette move within broken time and re-enter past experiences in order to live with current losses. The presentation at Fylkingen 22-23 February is Lisen Pousettes MA examination in choreography.

Ever losing is a work with and by Olivia Riviere and Lisen Pousette that began in the spring of 2017. With a background in choir singing and shared interest in working with voice practices, Olivia and Lisen’s work departs from exploring growling: a dark and aggressive male-coded vocal technique used in music styles like death metal and grindcore. Here, the form that usually confines the vocal practice is stripped away, with the hope that something different can emerge from the remains. The sound is twisted into relational images such as the hug, holding hands, cheek to cheek dance – all elements of duality, twosomeness, friendship and lesbian love. Here, being broken takes on the meaning of being indebted, being in the break, and staying there in order to repay debts, listening to the sound of broken bodies.

“When death takes something from you give it back.” – Naja Maria Aidt

Ever losing is an ongoing attempt to care for the desires that issue from being at the site of loss, continuously entering the position of the loser, the broken one. Or just two losers dancing in the break.

Lisen Pousette attended the MA in choreography at DOCH 2016-2018. This work presentation, which is her degree project examination, is a continuation of the work that she presented in May 2018.

Lisen Pousette

Lisen Pousette (SE) is educated in dance at ArtEZ, Arnhem, and was during her studies part of the Netherland-based collective Baby Skin. After finishing her BA, she has studied contemporary philosophy at Södertörn University and shortly at Karolinska Institute’s psychology programme. Lisen frequently participates in Ellen Söderhult’s work and is part of organizing the weekly POSSE dance- and reading group’s gatherings, at the moment taking place at She plays drums in black metal-punk band Moddervarken.

Olivia Riviere

Olivia Riviere (SE) is a dancer/choreographer based in CPH. Since receiving her diploma from ‘The Danish National school of Performing Arts’ (2015) she’s been involved in DANSEatelier – a place and a group of 11 performing artists coexisting with dance.

Subjects that are woven into most of her engagements are the material aspects of moods, objects and vocal sounds and their influence; these are all elements that play a greater role in her broader interest around the concept of objectification/subjectivization. Lately she has been working with artists such as Marie Topp, Karis Zidore, Anders Paulin, Sara Gebran and Lisen Pousette.


Costume: Tove Dreiman
Lights: Jenny Larsson
Mentor: Malin Arnell
Supervisor: Anna Efraimsson

Thank you to Sophie Pousette!

Gel: live-set

At 9.30 pm 23 February, Gel will performe with a live DJ-set.

Gel is the musical alias of Copenhagen based dance and sound artist Karis Zidore. Her music can be described as deconstructed dance music, insisting on the constant displacement of beats and friction between rhythms and sound scapes - composed with and for the body, as a way of softening and skewing electronic sound.
She makes beats that go in and out of shape for bodies to go in and out of beats. Her debut ‘Drama Tools’ was released by Copenhagen label NESM in April 2018, and has been acknowledged by a.o. Resident Advisor and FACTmag. Karis Zidore works within the context of DANSEatelier, Copenhagen.

In collaboration with Fylkingen.

Photo: Sophie Pousette